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Golf Fitness Specialization (GFS)

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CEUs: 1.0 NASM, 1.0 ACE

Help golf athletes improve their game with the NASM Golf Fitness Specialization (NASM-GFS). Learn about the biomechanics of a golf swing, physiological demands, the components of an integrated training program, golf-specific fitness assessments, and more.

NASM Golf Fitness Specialists:

  • Teach clients how to lower scores and prevent golf-related injuries
  • Boost their reputation, career, and client base as the go-to experts on golf conditioning for amateurs and pros alike
  • Perform both golf-specific and health-related fitness assessments
  • Show clients how to improve head speed, bolster driving distance, and reduce the chance of lower-back injuries
  • Implement integrated training approaches
  • Invest in their client’s lives and futures . . . and their own!

✔ Module 1: Introduction to Golf Fitness

✔ Module 2: Human Movement Science

✔ Module 3: Golf-Specific Assessments

✔ Module 4: Flexibility Training for Golf Performance

✔ Module 5: Core and Balance Training for Golf Performance

✔ Module 6: Resistance and Cardio Training for Golf Performance

✔ Module 7: Golf Injuries and Reconditioning Considerations

✔ Module 8: Program Design Principles and Application

✔ Module 9: Business Development

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Final Online Exam

star rating

"This course was easy to comprehend and quick. I learned a lot of new things I am excited to implement into training, not only with my clients but with myself."
- Sam K, NY

star rating

"This course was short and sweet and full of information to get me started in my golfers programing."
- Melinda A, TX

star rating

"GFS course has been one of the most structured course i ever did. very explanatory and at a reasonable pace. it has given me the knowledge and understanding about all it takes to become a golf fitness specialist an to be able to perform above expectation. Highly recommend"
- Ojo A.M, Oman

star rating

"The GFS is great. It contains great research and practical information related to the subject matter, and it is presented in a great flow. I would definitely recommend this program to anyone interested in golf fitness training at a personal or professional level."
- Josias N, FL

star rating

"After taking the GFS course I became much more confident in the opportunity I would have in providing my clients with more value and results. This course is a great addition to my professional skills. It is easy to follow and very informative. I recommend this GFS course in you are interested in helping golfer become better healthier and productive golfers"
- Dearic J, CA

"The NASM-GFS course was awesome! It will increase the dynamics of clients and increase my earning potential toward a sport-specific client base. Great course, I highly recommend this course!" - Ross L, TX

"I originally took the GFS course only to fulfill my CEUs. However, I was pleasantly surprised that and feel that I have broadened my ability to earn money helping people with Golf Fitness. The course helped open my eyes to this market, and provided me a firm grounding in how to prepare programs to generate results for my future golf clients." - William W, NH

"I have always wanted to learn how I could improve other's golf game and this course did just that. I enjoyed learning how to incorporate a better program for my clients." - Mitch B, TX

"A great course for any type of professional working with golfers. A great addition of resources." - Cody A, TN

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