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Learn how to support your clients with plant-based preferences and keep your nutritional knowledge up-to-date with this FREE course from NASM's popular Nutrition Series.

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Performance Enhancement Specialization - Premium Self-Study

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CEUs: 1.9 NASM, 2.0 ACE, 10 CIMSPA Endorsed CPD Points

The NASM-PES Premium Self-Study Program includes all the benefits of the Self-Study Program—especially its easy combination of flexibility and content. Just like the Self-Study Program, you can learn at your own pace and study with no set schedules.

The NASM-PES program increases earning power – up to 40% more than other Certified Personal Trainers without the NASM-PES designation. You'll learn how to offer more powerful, dynamic exercise techniques, maximize performance and help prevent injuries. Premium Self-Study also offers these valuable extras:

  • Bonus content
  • Programming toolkit including an exercise library booklet, sample programs and youth programming booklet

Suggested prerequisites:

  • A current NASM-CPT certification, or
  • A current health and fitness certification accredited by NCCA, NBFE or DETC, or
  • REPs Level 3 or higher credential (candidates outside of the US only), or
  • 4-year collegiate degree or
  • Be a current Licensed or Certified Massage Therapist

Please see the NASM Terms and Conditions for more details.

*2014 Annual NASM-CPT Survey


✔ Section 1: Anatomy and Physiology for Sport

Chapter 1: Integrated Training Essentials
Chapter 2: Science of Human Movement

✔ Section 2: Sport Performance Testing, Integrated Training, and Programming

Chapter 3: Testing in Sports Performance
Chapter 4: Flexibility Training Concepts
Chapter 5: Metabolic Energy System Training
Chapter 6: Core Training Concept
Chapter 7: Balance Training Concepts
Chapter 8: Plyometric Training Concepts
Chapter 9: Speed, Agility, and Quickness Training
Chapter 10: Resistance Training Concepts
Chapter 11: The Science of Periodization of the OPT™ Model

✔ Section 3: Olympic Lifting & Injury Prevention

Chapter 12: Olympic Lifting for Performance Enhancement
Chapter 13: Injury Prevention for the Athlete

✔ Section 4: Sport Nutrition & Psychology

Chapter 14: Performance Nutrition
Chapter 15: Ergogenic Aids
Chapter 16: Psychology in Sports Performance


Syllabus & Study Guide

Online Textbook

Lecture Videos

Application Videos

Exercise Libraries

Module Quizzes

2 Practice Exams (100 questions each)

Online PES Exam (3 free attempts)

Bonus Content

  • Weight Room Maintenance and Management
  • Football, Baseball and Basketball Lecture Videos

Programming Toolkit

star rating

"Having been in the fitness industry since 2005, a former member of an elite military special operations unit, and a professional athlete; this course was impressive. NASM did a great job teaching the various components of human performance and showing the student how to apply them to a real life training environment. The tests were challenging and on par with any college level curriculum. The PES program is a great course for anyone interested in training others to perform better! Highly recommended."
- Andy C, TN

star rating

"As a NASM CPT, the PES helped me fine tune the skills I already know and advanced my knowledge in the athletic training involved in sports activities! I gained confidence with my clients programming and now can assist a whole new demographic at achieving better performance and physical goals!"
- Taylor C, TX

star rating

"I am very pleased with the course in general. Everything was informational and I will use what was giving to further my coaching skills."
- Robert C, FL

star rating

"I really love study of Performance Training. Where i can have a knowledge of training athletes with Assessments, OPT model and importance of the training is correction a sports specific skill training. As athlete and trainer of myself. This NASM PES is not only a huge benefit but everything in my experience playing sports and train athletes makes whole a lot of sense."
- Daniel F, FL

star rating

"This was a great course to learn. I was able to go at my own pace while juggling 65-70 hour weeks for the past year."
- Katherine H, FL

star rating

"Everything you need is in the course, and its quick. This course made me love training that much more."
- Andre T, CA

star rating

"I've learned so much information that I can now utilize to serve my clients and I couldn't be more excited. The Final Exam is tough but the sense of pride after you pass is worth every second of it!"
- Daniel Y, MD

star rating

"I give the PES course 5 Stars. I recommend this course to anyone coaching or training a basketball, football, baseball, hockey ,and soccer players. Pre, regular, post, and off season workouts along with nutritional info on macro nutrients, ensures athletes will be in optimal condition at all times. Teaches information that must be understood to be successful in any sport."
- Chris N, IL

star rating

"This is excellent. perfect for people who wanted to enhance knowledge. thank you NASM."
- Vignesh Hariharan, India

star rating

"Very well thought out and informative course. Absolutely would recommend to anyone interested in sports specific training."
- Daniel W, IA

star rating

"This online course was top notch and very engaging! The program provided multiple ways to learn the content including visual, auditory, and practice exercises and exams."
-Leanne B, ME

star rating

"PES is a great course to improve the understanding and applying the NASM Opt model."
-Cesar A, Quito, Ecuador

star rating

"I love these specialist courses. They not only help get more knowledge but serves as a great refresher."
-Jennifer R, Montreal, Canada

star rating

"As someone new to the training environment and looking to further one's education and knowledge in this field, I would highly recommend taking NASM's PES course. This course has given me vital tools to help me further my knowledge and professionalism in more than one area. This has also opened more potential for further education as I decide to take more courses through NASM. Overall, I believe NASM has provided a very structured and rigid course line for anyone looking to further their knowledge and education."
-Cameron L, ME

star rating

"Course was fantastic, it is really put together nicely. Quizzes after each section are very helpful in grasping key concepts before moving to new material. As someone who struggles as a test taker the format really worked in my favor."
-Jeff B, PA

star rating

"This is a great course. It was very informative and easy to follow!"
-Brandon T, CA

star rating

"The PES course went far beyond my expectations. The science and theory was there but was truly is valuable are the approaches to real-life situations on the field and with athletes. I enjoyed the deep research and focus on every theme."
-Angel R, Mexico

star rating

"The PES certification was extremely informative and detailed. I feel very prepared to work with athletes in my coaching position."
-Sarah D, NY

star rating

"Best in the Industry. Highly recommending to anyone who wants to learn more about human body and training athletes!"
-Aldin B, Dubai

star rating

"great way to take the next steps as a personal trainer!!!"
-Joshua G, TX

star rating

"I was wondering about Nasm Pes before enrolling, but after went through manual I was so eager to take part of it since the information in the text book really useful practically. It had given what we use in daily training program than more theoretical. Easy to understand and apply in reality. Thank you."
-Anandakrishnan V, Tamilnadu

star rating

"I found the material to be informative and very detailed. The reading and studying was very organized and the guides were very helpful. I think that this is a great plan for someone to get better trained and certified for a career in performance training."
-Kevin H, IL

star rating

"In my opinion, the Performance Enhancement Specialist (NASM-PES) and Corrective Exercise Specialist (NASM-CES) are an absolute must for anyone new to Personal Training. After completing the NASM-CPT course, I felt that I had a good base, but after completing these two courses, as well as the Certified Nutrition Consultant (NASM-CNC) course, my confidence definitely increased. Within 3-weeks of being on the job in my first personal training position, I have already utlized what I have learned from all of these courses."
- Joseph C, AZ

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